• Kat H

You can never know it all

Training should never stop. Whether it is on the range, dry fire or visualization in your spare time. If you allow yourself to believe you have it all wrapped up, there is more to improve on. Whether it is adding a time pressure component, movement while shooting, defensive positioning, teamwork in a defensive situation, competition with others or yourself. You can always learn new ways of changing your familiarity with your guns and how to use them effectively.

Training with other instructors, other platforms of ideology is also a great way in any area of life to expand your skill and knowledge. This is true in firearms and defensive learning as well. I have learned so much from the International Defensive Pistol Association matches and United States Practical Shooting Association matches that I would never have experienced on a standard range. I have attended tactical defensive courses (ATAC in Shady Valley, TN) and learned even more about the use of and movement around and in a vehicle, as a team member in a crowd and so much more. Each experience adds depth to my comfort with and skill in using my machinery in my own and my loved ones defense.

I have plans to attend further training camps as well and continue to compete against myself in IDPA, USPSA and now Steel Challenges as well. The other competitors have been amazing with great insights in my own weaknesses and ways to work on them as well as trade information about equipment and resources as well.

The fundamentals of safety, stance, grip, sight alignment, breathing, follow-through and trigger control can be highlighted in ways to improve by each new element in training and each new experience. I would love to have the opportunity to train with not just fellow USCCA, NRA and TWAW instructors, but plan to find time to train at Front Sight, Sig Sauer, Gun Site, Massad Ayoob and more.

Take the time to listen to others, adopt what you like and let go of that which doesn't work for you, but never underestimate the possibility that someone can contribute to your own advancement.

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