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Strength in the Shadows

If you have ever been in the dark place of your mind and soul that can trap you when you have been victimized by another, you know that there is a way out over time. But, what if there is a way to avoid that dark shadowy world completely and remain silhouetted in the sun?

Learning to be aware, to maintain a vigilant understanding of the people and activities happening around you when you are out in the world and making sure that you catch eye contact with and announce silently, "I see you", to any and all potential predators can be the first step. Holding yourself confidently, knowing you can and will defend yourself.

That type of confidence can only come from constant training both physically and mentally to prepare for the possibility of being attacked. Working through situations in your mind that could occur and what you would do to react in them before they happen, prepares you to do more than just freeze, you can auto-pilot into your planned actions. Training physically to implement those actions is the other half of that puzzle. Whether this means use of martial arts and physical defense maneuvers, various weapons familiarity and safety training or just how to gain the attention of any nearby people to gain aid.

Once you are confident, aware and ready, what happens when things still explode around you and you are caught in a situation of violent threat, or outright violence? Survive. Stick to your planned actions, but ultimately remember RUN, HIDE, FIGHT is the initial sequence to follow. In the aftermath of survival, find your support. Friends, family, counselors, etc. Don't let those dwelling emotions settle deep inside untouched. Ride out the storm and accept the facts for what they are. You can only control your own thoughts and actions, nothing else in any scenario is your fault. It is NOT your fault if another person chooses to act or react in any way. You only control yourself! Guilt and anger have no place in recovery. Feel them, understand them and then let them go.

Bottom line for any of this is to remain aware, continuously train and know who your support people are or could be.

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