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Constitutional Carry

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Staring July 1st in TN you will be allowed to own and carry a concealed firearm without a government sanctioned permit if you would otherwise qualify to obtain one.

This will not allow you to cross state lines or open carry and does not mean you are not responsible for every bullet you carry or fire. In self defense cases, criminal versus civil repercussions can and do occur. Not to mention your own emotional and mental aftermath. This should all factor in to the decision to carry or not.

And continuous training with your chosen defensive plans is crucial to success in any situation. Maybe you grew up hunting but how does that translate to being confronted in a dark parking lot with shopping bags in hand and your child in the backseat? Even those confident on the range have to maintain vigilance and understanding that the real world is not a paper or steel target.

99% mental preparation and 49% physical will make you 150% secure in your self defense ability. Training should never stop and education in safety is the way to being a fully responsibly armed American citizen.

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